Final open source data science project

At the end of 6 months studying we have built a dynamic website using the Javascript Library D3.js to try and explain:

  1. What it is like to study data science online, intensely for 6 months?
  2. How could your skill set change and grow over this time?
  3. What topics our curriculum covered and how are these connected?

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4 data science examples after 1 month studying

Wanting to stay true to openness and the sharing of our experience as we work through the program, here are 4 examples of what we have worked on while pursuing our online data science masters. These examples are not necessarily of outstanding data science, but demonstrate concepts which are required within data science; as well as what you might be able to achieve after 1 month studying our first 5 courses.

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Studying in Chiang Mai

People have asked how easy it is to work in hot and humid Thailand, or how easy is it to study while here. But, numerous posts on the internet already address Chiang Mai’s shared workspaces; and the success of these can be seen by the amount of people you meet making their living online in Chiang Mai, techpreneurs, online marketers, bloggers, SEO experts etc. We haven’t decided to rent a shared working desk yet, so instead are going to share with you where and how we work.

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