About Us


We are a couple in our mid 20s, a Scotsman and a French girl, on a data science journey. After weighing up our bank balances and the cost of completing a data science masters on one hand, with the amount of amazing free online resources on the other, we decided to design our own open source data science masters.

This blog details our process from quitting our corporate jobs to becoming a data scientist, in the hope that some might follow, or be inspired to start their own journeys.

To find out more about what we are doing and why, have a look at our Welcome to the Blog page.

[update] Now that we have finished studying, you can find out about our full journey on datasciencejourney


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi! Can you pls ping me on my personal account? Would be great to connect… what you two are doing is inspiring!!! I’m in SF Bay area, where cost of living is high but tons of data scientist jobs abound. However, to learn data science full-time + pay rents here is a bit prohibitive… having a semi-vacation in Thailand while studying full-time sounds like a great idea! My average monthly cost of living (and being _very_ frugal and sharing housing w/ 4 others) is ~$1400-1500/mo (includes a car+health insurance).

  2. Hi both,

    I’ve been inspired by your great blog, and have found it to be very helpful as I’m doing something similar myself. I’m going to be in London for the next few weeks learning data science. I’d love to meet up some time for a coffee to chat with either of you about your experiences! Would be great to get a follow up to see what happened next 🙂

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