Final open source data science project

At the end of 6 months studying we have built a dynamic website using the Javascript Library D3.js to try and explain:

  1. What it is like to study data science online, intensely for 6 months?
  2. How could your skill set change and grow over this time?
  3. What topics our curriculum covered and how are these connected?

Please check out the website to play around with our interactive graphics. We hope it helps explain what we have studied and maybe even help others plan their own learning.

But if you want a sneaky peak here are some of the visuals:

Timeline of work on courses and the skills acquired – here

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 16.59.35

The network of courses we studied – here

Courses and topics graph

The connections between our courses – here

Course connections graph


6 thoughts on “Final open source data science project

  1. Absolutely impressed with what you have accomplished. I am living in Thailand and has just started learning data science as well. I have started with John Hopkins University Data science track until I just found your blog. It is very good feeling to see someone else trying to do the same thing and even better to see how much you have accomplished. Reading the way you went and the final website has given me much inspiration. Thankyou. I also have full time job at the moment, but I hope I am able to go forward relentlessly.

    • Thanks a lot ! Glad you found the posts and website useful. As you say, it is heart warming to hear from a fellow online data science student!
      Good luck with the Data Science track, it’s tough stuff to study on your own; I feel for you having a full time job at the same time, though I suppose that keeps you sane 😉 We’ll be thinking of you as you progress through the courses, have fun!

  2. Hi guys, as the people above have said, I’m impressed with your 6 month project. I’m going through a similar thought process about doing a Masters in Data Science/Machine Learning and was wondering if I could get your thoughts. Given you both have jobs now as Data Scientists, do you feel you couldn’t have got these without doing your time out? And in your jobs, do you feel your 6 months gave you the equivalent education as colleagues who had done a Masters?

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