Studying in Chiang Mai

People have asked how easy it is to work in hot and humid Thailand, or how easy is it to study while here. But, numerous posts on the internet already address Chiang Mai’s shared workspaces; and the success of these can be seen by the amount of people you meet making their living online in Chiang Mai, techpreneurs, online marketers, bloggers, SEO experts etc. We haven’t decided to rent a shared working desk yet, so instead are going to share with you where and how we work.

Breakfast (8.30a.m. – 12.30a.m. ~ish)

Breakfast so far has been one of our most expensive meals in Thailand, as we haven’t managed to face the full potence of Thai flavours at this time in the morning. So we are having eggs, toast, fruit and coffee et al. One advantage this affords you though is to set up in one of the many excellent wifi enabled, air conditioned cafes and complete our first two hours work of the day:

Breakfast Venues: Cooking Love, Angel’s Secrets, Chiang Mai Breakfast World


Chiang Mai Breakfast World

Recharge and Lunch (12.30a.m. – 13.30p.m. ~ish)

By around 12 0′ clock it is beginning to get very hot, and our laptops are needing recharged, as are we! So we plug our laptops in to charge and head out for a quick lunch, normally at the superb value delicious Thai canteen 2 mins away from the guest house. The Khao soi is delicious, and the price ~60p (35baht) remains unbeaten. It is an outdoor space, with fan, drinking water and a majority of locals, eating wonderful food at incomparable costs in this tourist area!


Our lunch heroine !


lunch area


The amazing Khao Soi soup!

Working from the Guest House (13.30p.m. – 15.00p.m. ~ish)

In the heat of the day sometime it is nice to be right underneath the air conditioning. So working from the guest house room is a suitable option and can often involve a complementary coffee to sharpen the mind.

Our Coffee Shop (15.30p.m. – 17.30p.m. ~ish)

Everyone has their favourite space and one of ours is our coffee shop. I am feeling reluctant writing this, as it is a small shop which could quickly be overrun, and we would then feel guilty hanging around studying, but as this blog is not very popular (yet!)…here it is: graph, a small coffee shop dominated by its coffee machine, at the helm of which the owner makes coffees to rival any barista in Shoreditch. The air conditioning is strong and the quiet jazz renditions of the rat pack mellow, perfect for getting over the afternoon study hump.


At Graph 🙂


Honestly, this flat white is FROM Chiang Mai @graph

Finish at the Guest House (17.30p.m. – 18:30 or 19:00)

Depending on our progress that day, we might have completed enough to finish up quickly at the guest house, or fallen afoul of the programming course (debugging code). If all is going well though, we can normally have a quick dinner, Thai cuisine or unbelievable pizza before heading off to climb, dance salsa etc in the evening (but more on this in a later post).

The pizza place warrants a mention as it is so good and hand made in front of your eyes with such care as if they were designing an art piece for you, which I suppose they are in a way 🙂 If you are in Chiang Mai, check it out!


If the design reminds you of Pizza Express, it is nothing like it!

… and that is how you fill a day studying in the Old City Centre of Chiang Mai Thailand.


4 thoughts on “Studying in Chiang Mai

  1. Hi F&S, Came in from work and a class and was excited to see that you had added to your Blog. Your days sound lovely!!

    • Thanks, yes it is fairly easy to study from here and still amazed by the mix of traditional Thai and super modern places!

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