Holidaying in Thailand !! 2 weeks worth….

As most studying terms go, we took a break in between. We were fortunate to be in Thailand and have some family visit us, and therefore took the opportunity to do some tourism and catch up on a suntan !!

As perfect Englishmen abroad….photo 3
we ventured into the big city.

About time we entered a temple… we visited the Wat Traimitr temple which houses the world’s largest solid gold statue, an impressive Buddha statue.

And then of course the palace, which was beautiful and I hope pictures will be able to do it justice.
And finally we visited Jim Thomson’s house, his wonderful teak home which now houses various collections from his time in Thailand and in the silk business.


After seeing so many Japanese doing the “kiss photo”, this is my rather poor attempt… !!

Railay Beach
This is a gorgeous beach that although connected to land seems to only be reachable by sea on one of these boats…
There are many places to stay in Railay that cater for every budget and in the midst of raving reviews and complaints on tripadvisor, it was very difficult to decide whether to break the bank! In the end, we were very glad we hadn’t followed the suggestions of seemingly very demanding tourists as we chose to stay in lovely bungalows with breathtaking sea views and the most friendly service, at very reasonable rates. The place was actually located past all the other resorts and on a little hill which meant it felt very quiet and secluded from the buzz of the town: Railay Garden View Resort. Just Perfect !


The beautiful hut

Railay beach is very popular because of its cliffs and attracts many a climber as well as deep water soloists.


We didn’t climb, but we did relax; not having brought our laptops with us, it was very refreshing…


Chiang Mai

The one downside about Railay, which if you are a food lover like me, is actually quite a big problem (!) is the lack of decent food…….I suppose that’s a combination of having to ship everything there by boat and the tourists asking for burgers and chips and bland thai imitations. So we were very excited to be back in what seems to us to be a culinary centre of Thailand !!

So first things first….a Thai cooking class:

I was very excited indeed !!


Nope, it’s not the laundry, it’s coconut milk !!


The excitement speaks for itself about the wonderful Chiang Mai food !!

IMG_1238 IMG_1268

And finally, of course, Thai tourism wouldn’t quite be complete without a visit to the elephant sanctuaries. Crossing through the jungle !

And let down just like a princess….what a lady elephant !!


One thought on “Holidaying in Thailand !! 2 weeks worth….

  1. Have just got in before the rain came- Chiang Mia style. Have just read your blog and it is very good- great pictures. Who is your photographer?

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